Welcome to the world of biotechnology where new discoveries are made each day! Here are some brief facts before you move on. Nearly 75% of all processed foods are genetically engineered. Genetically modified (GM) foods or genetically modified organisms (GMOs) refer to crop plants whose DNA has been changed in order to inherit desired qualities from one crop to another. In order to acquire the desired traits, genetic engineering allows selected individual genes to be transferred between two crops. It can develop more nutritious foods, with immense potential benefits for humanity and the environment. Most people are unaware of how genetically modified foods have an impact on our diet and how common the practice of genetic engineering is occurring. Therefore, when viewing this website, you will learn about the process of creating GM foods, how it benefits our society and what the opposition believes.  Also, I wish to expand your knowledge on how genetically modified foods are created and how it effects us socially, politically, and economically. Note that this website is a compilation of information derived from numerous educational, news, and technological websites. *Every picture and underlined word has a link  attached to it. Thank you for your time!


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